Carlo Rafol

I am a travel & portrait creative photographer born and based in New York City.

Although I’ve spent most of my life in the most culturally diverse place in the
world, I was always curious about what life is like in other corners of the earth.

It wasn’t until a 4-day trek in Machu Picchu when I became mesmerized with the true
beauty of nature and became even more curious about what else may exist on our earth.

Since then, I’ve explored a few of the less traveled areas of the world such as
Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, Myanmar, Turkey, Indonesia, Martinique, and more.

It’s my mission to help people see the unknown beauties of the world through
my photography and hope to inspire their curiosity to explore their own unknowns.

I currently enjoy shooting the vast landscapes from my travels, night photography
of the Milky Way, and various portrait projects. However, I’m always open to
new projects with creative people to capture compelling photos or videos.

If you’re interested in working together, send me a message!

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